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When Jackie Shroff burst upon the scene in Bollywood so many years ago he was like a breath of fresh air. He was a good change from the Punjabi heroes of those days and in his debut film ‘Hero’ he exhibited sufficient promise. However after that, things had been somewhat downhill for him. He hadn’t been doing any substantial roles other than in South India so we were pleasantly surprised when we saw an advertisement for his latest film, ‘Cover Story’. It has been a long time since Jackie has done a solo hero film and he did look very handsome in the poster. We were somewhat disappointed by what we saw. It was an official remake of a Dutch film by the same name by director Laurens Postma.  It was a thriller but it seemed to that the leading lady, newbie Anjum Nayar was not exactly comfortable. Jackie – or Jaggu dada, as he is fondly called – is seen getting intimate with the petite Anjum, who is playing a superstar. The film is about a war journalist trying to interview a top league heroine, and in the process messing up his own life. You can watch Jaggu dada getting intimate with newbie Anjum Nayar in the film.

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