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After Maddy does Suriya also want to be a boxer? 

Looks like Maddy has started to influence even Suriya. After Sylvester Stallone acted in that world famous boxing saga Rocky, very actor has been itching to do a boxing film. Maddy did one called Irudi Suttru and now Surya is ready to pulls on his boxing gloves to step into the ring. When Ranjith started looking around for a suitable script to hook Suriya he ended up with two different stories both of which he presented to Suriya and left to him to make the choice. Rumours have already been floating around that director Ranjith was in talks with Suriya for his next film but we had no clue what the subject would be. Ranjith is no fool so he decided that he might as well use Surya’s fantastic physique to get him to play a boxer. Surya cleverly decided the boxing film is the one best suited for him so here we are soon to see a boxing film. Will Suriya knock the audience flat? We will find out soon.

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