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After Sridevi Is Madhuri Dixit Ready To Make Her Comeback? 

Some actresses never go out of style or least hardly ever go out of style. Madhuri is one such person. Even though it’s been what, ten years since she sort of retired from cinema she still pops up every now and then like a bad cold. Well that may have been a bit unkind but hear is the news. She is back in Mumbai and gearing up to return to Bollywood but both she and her fans will have to wait for some more time for that to happen. It’s not for the lack of films, for producers are lining up and are more than eager to cast her. Ever since Sridevi made her comeback with a bang in ‘English Vinglish’, fans expect Madhuri Nene to stop saying ‘Nono’ and sign a film. But the problem seems to be that Madhuri is demanding an outrageous Rs 5 Crore for a film! She has made it very clear to filmmakers that she is no less than a Kareena Kapoor or a Katrina Kaif as an actor and there is no reason for her to charge lesser than them. And oh, there is one other condition; she wants to do only women-oriented movies. Now you’ll agree that such movies really don’t work at the box office. Vidya Balan was lucky to do it twice but such films were – and still are – a risk.

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