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Are actors and producers sometimes not interested in profits? 

With the entry into Kollywood by many first time producers the market is wide open to manipulation. Most of the recognized and established producers are frankly quite disgusted with this new development where people come for one film and then are never seen again. Sometimes these new films are all released within the same month regardless of the profitability factor. The reason for such a casual attitude is that these films are not being made for box office profits but all kinds of other reasons. For example somebody who wants to build a huge residential complex is looking to make his name and brand popular. So instead of promoting the building he decides to make a film. Normally he would have had to spend crores of Rupees in full-page ads in major dailies to make a mark on the public but now by announcing the launch of just one film he will get free publicity from all kinds of media. Other films feature actors who are keen to enter politics and want to catch the eye of political parties. This results in non-serious persons crowding out serious filmmakers from the scene.

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