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Are All Simbu’s Affairs Destined To End Badly? 

The matter of calling Simbu calling himself STR rages on, but we would like to refer to him as Simbu. While talking to a section of the media recently, Simbu made a tongue-in-cheek remark that every time he gets into a relationship, trouble always follows him. He felt that too many people get involved and interested in his personal life and that is one of the reasons why all his relationships get affected badly.
During a candid and light-hearted interview Simbu himself offered a solution to the problem. He quipped that the next time around he ought to get married secretly to avoid the issues that have regularly tailed him in the past. Of course Simbu must reflect on who is responsible for the kind of image that he has. Surely those naught images of Simbu kissing Nayantara were not the work of some photoshop expert. As you sow, so you reap.
Some people like to run away from marriage but looks like Simbu has to run towards marriage!

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