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Are Sameera Reddy And Amala Paul Made Of Steel? 


In the old days heroines only had to look pretty, shed buckets of tears or dance but these days heroines have to do a lot more. Sameera seems to be giving her blood literally for ‘Vettai’. Sameera suffered an injury during the shoot of a song sequence for the film in Kutralam. An assistant director who happened to be at the scene, said that Sameera and Amala Paul who acts as her sister in the film were on a bike at the time of the accident. Sameera was riding the bike while Amala was riding pillion. The bike ride was part of the film’s introduction song that has been elaborately planned by director Lingusamy. Sameera couldn’t control the heavy bike and they fell down. Sameera’s leg was stuck under the bike and was severely bruised in the process. She was immediately taken to a nearby clinic and attended to. The amazing thing is that these girls seem to be made of steel as within a couple of hours both of them agreed to continue shooting.  Of course director Lingusamy was taken aback when he saw Sameera all bandaged up and asked them if they wanted to postpone the shoot. Sameera knew delays would cost the unit a packet so they continued. That is absolutely sporting of them.

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