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Can comedian Vivek recover from this tragedy? 

When we think of a comedian’s life we think it must be full of fun and laughter. Nobody thinks they ever have to worry about anything. But comedian Vivek’s son Prasanna Kumar who was just 13 died in a city hospital of complications arising out of dengue and brain fever. He was undergoing treatment at a well-known hospital for more than a month. Sources said the cause of death was ‘severe brain stem dysfunction, acute dengue hemorrhagic cerebellitis post infectious autoimmune encephalitis.’ He was on and off a ventilator throughout his hospitalization. Though he recovered somewhat from the illness, he suffered a relapse later and his condition worsened. Vivek brought a great amount of happiness to our lives with his ability to raise a laugh out of normal day-to-day events. The worst thing to happen to parents is to see the suffering of ones own child and then to see the child leave for his heavenly abode. May god grant him the strength to bear this loss. On a selfish note we hope that in spite of the personal tragedy he will still find it in his heart to raise a smile if not a belly laugh.

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