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Can Nithya Menen match Savithri’s screen presence? 

It helps to be a person who takes everything in his or her stride. The more agitated and eager you are to bag the project the less likely you are going to get it. We feel this is the attitude that drives Nithya Menon. She entered Kollywood almost as if she was being dragged into it and even today continues to sport a nonchalant attitude towards everything. But that has helped her to make huge gains and now we see that she has been selected to do the role of none other than the famous actress of yesteryears Savithri. Director Ashwin Nag who is basically from the Telugu film industry has been doing extensive research on the life of Savithri and even completed a script for a movie. He waited around for the right person to play Savithri but it was only when he met Nithya that he was sure that he found her. Apparently the actress and the director have discussed it threadbare but are still yet to sign the agreement. The movie naturally will be about Savithri and her life and times. Savithri had tragic parts to her life also but this film will focus more on the bright side of the actress’s life. She was known to be an extraordinary person with a wicked sense of humor. That is what they are trying to bring out in this new film. Hope Nitya fits the bill.

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