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Actress Sneha Launches IPhone 4S model | Sneha IPhone Launching Stills

Actress Sneha launches Iphone 4S model at Univercell Mobile Showroom in Alwarpet Chennai. Sneha IPhone Launching Stills   Most Looking Posts, No related posts.Full Article

Does Sneha Need To Rival Buxom Namitha For Fans?

It’s a rare phenomenon for two contemporary actresses to be pals in real life too. But Sneha and Namitha have genuinely put aside all traces of rivalry and are ...Full Article

Can Sneha Portray A Pregnant Woman Convincingly?

The film Kahani seems to have been well received by audiences India though why it has been is a mystery. A crime thriller set in India and the United ...Full Article

Why Is Sneha Ullal Facing A Ban In Tollywood?

According to inside sources, Sneha Ullal is giving plenty of trouble to a Tollywood producer. It is said that she had taken Rs 16 Lakhs as advance from a ...Full Article