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    How Was Sridevi’S Films Able To Help A Victim Of Sexual Abuse?

    The TV show that rocked the Nation was Aamir Khan’s thought provoking exposes. The show is called ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and the first episode on the girl child struck a chord with most viewers. Harish Iyer, Child sexual Abuse victim and activist was in for an emotional treat on Sunday’s episode of Satyamev Jayate as his Full Article

    Is Priyanka Planning To Skip Karan Johar’S 40Th Birthday Bash?

    When Bollywood parties it does so seriously. Karan Johar incredibly turns 40 soon, and his birthday bash is almost sure to include every one of Bollywood’s biggies. Almost, we ...Full Article

    Is Bipasha Basu On A Dating Spree After Dumping John?

    It is normally said that only men have a roving eye and that they would like to change partners like clothes. Bipasha and John have been single for almost ...Full Article

    Are Esha And Hema Planning An Elaborate Sangeet?

    Esha Deol is all set for her Monsoon wedding with her fiancé Bharath Takhtani. Like all 21st century brides all the wedding planning is being done by Esha herself. ...Full Article

    Is Paoli Dam Comfortable Doing Wife Swapping?

    After a film about a woman who turns to prostitution to get even with the man who wronged her, Vikram Bhatt is all set to make a film on ...Full Article

    Is Asin Admired Even In Kerala Which Is Her Home State?

    The average film buffs of Kerala are known for their double standards. On one hand they pretend to be blasé about films and point to the fact that the ...Full Article

    Why Does Priyanka Still Brood Over The Occasional Flop?

    Friends of actors always advise them that they should be indifferent to the fate of their films at the box office. If they allow the success and failures to ...Full Article

    Is The Media Bent Upon Pairing Anushka And Ranveer?

    Ever since Anushka Sharma confessed to liking her costar from ‘Band Baja Baarat’ people have been waiting to hear her say that she is in love with him and ...Full Article

    Is Aishwarya Quitting After The Birth Of Aaradhya?

    When Aishwarya got married to Abhishek it was taken for granted that it would not interfere in her acting career. Just like in the case of her mother in ...Full Article