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    Trisha genuinely cares for animals

    Not many people practice what they preach. In fact celebrities are known more for breaking their promises than for keeping them. But in Trisha we seem to have a different kind of celebrity. She is known to be an animal lover who even brings home abandoned puppies to look after them until they better. Most Full Article

    Will Shruti and Akshara turn out to be rivals?

    Here comes Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter into films. She has already made her debut in the Bollywood film Shamitabh but now she has signed her first film in Kollywood. ...Full Article

    What makes Regina Cassandra ready for bold roles?

    Most young actresses try to project an image that they are very conservative and well brought up and would never be seen anywhere after dark with a young man ...Full Article

    Amy Jackson says Kollywood allows more spontaneity.

    Sometimes as they say wisdom comes from the mouth of babes. That is how one should view the advice given by Amy Jackson on Indian cinema. Recently Amy was ...Full Article

    What made Charmee to burst into tears?

    Actresses get roped into backing all sorts of ideas and products but very rarely do these ideas originate from them. An exception to the rule was the actress Charmee. ...Full Article

    Why did Dhanush cast Amala and Revathy in his film?

    With one Hollywood film, and four Tamil projects in hand, Dhanush is undeniably at the peak of his career. The actor has garnered appreciation not just for his acting, ...Full Article

    Trisha deviates from usual to play a chef in Mohini.

    After umpteen episodes of various Reality shows it looks like cooking has also started influencing our directors. From cooking up new story plots they have shifted to cooking tasty ...Full Article

    Even a kind act gets Hansika some flak

    Every time a candid video of a popular actress hits the Internet is causes a furore. While it is usually video’s of actress that show them in a sneaky ...Full Article

    Jyothika gives in to the lure of the lights and camera.

    After she got married to Suriya her leading man in both her films as well as her life she dropped out of public life and devoted all her her ...Full Article