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    Why is Maddy learning the art of Wushu?

    Madhavan for Maddy as he is more popularly known is working harder and harder at his physical fitness. Normally actors slow down as they grow older but it looks like Kollywood stars like Maddy and Vikram are working harder to stay fit. Maddy is practicing Wushu, which is actually a Chinese martial art. Everyone has Full Article

    Why is Janani Iyer getting so many Kollywood films?

    Kollywood star Janani has just been flirting on the edges of Kollywood in her earlier films. She is presently engaged in a film called Thollaikatchi opposite Ashwin Kakumanu. She ...Full Article

    Is there still anything on between Rana Daggubati and Trisha?

    Though he is essentially a Tollywood star, Rana Daggubati has no shortage of fans in Kollywood. Every time he is seen in Chennai at some social event or even ...Full Article

    Are Ilayaraja and Gangai Amaren angry with each other?

    Ilayaraja and Gangai Amaran actually have no reasons to be angry at each other. Apart from being brothers they are also very successful music directors and film directors too. ...Full Article

    Mr Bean becomes Mr Kumar as per Santhanam.

    Horror films have been increasing every year in Kollywood. In the old days maybe 1 in every 25 was a horror film but now it is more like 1 ...Full Article

    Who is at fault? Amala or Vijay.

    Are there are signs of trouble in paradise? It was one of the most romantic news when Amala Paul and director Vijay announced that they were in love and ...Full Article

    Will Samantha and Andrea make good gangster molls?

    Dhanush-starrer Tamil gangster drama ‘Vada Chennai’, which will be made as part of a trilogy, went on the floors here on Wednesday. The stars are on the rise for ...Full Article

    Trisha genuinely cares for animals

    Not many people practice what they preach. In fact celebrities are known more for breaking their promises than for keeping them. But in Trisha we seem to have a ...Full Article

    Will Shruti and Akshara turn out to be rivals?

    Here comes Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter into films. She has already made her debut in the Bollywood film Shamitabh but now she has signed her first film in Kollywood. ...Full Article