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    When Did Trisha Become The First Assistant?

    The Kamal/Trisha film Manmadha Anmbu is progressing on schedule and the enthusiasm on the sets is to be seen to be believed. Everyone is convinced that this will put Kamal in the top league without breaking the bank. Everyone in the unit is lending a hand and the latest person to do so is none Full Article

    Has Sonia Agarwal Forgotten To Act After Her Long Break ?

    The very sexy Sonia Aggarwal who rocked with her film 7G Rainbow Colony married her director Selvaraghavan only to divorce him later when he was rumoured to be getting ...Full Article

    Did Kajal And Karthi Make A Super Jodi?

    When the film Naan Mahan Alla hit the screen the reputation of Karthi was enough to generate a tremendous response. The romance between a reed thin Kajal Agarwal and ...Full Article

    Will A Bird Hit Keep Shriya From Doing Films?

    We hear about aircrafts and bird hits so often that it does not make news any more. But one such bird hit took place on a flight in which ...Full Article

    Who Are The Midnight Dogs Referred To By Gautam Menon?

    The Bollywood and Tollywood actress has had a pretty good run in Chennai and that always makes one feel good towards the city. Sameera Reddy is someone who does ...Full Article

    Will Endhiran Have An Endless Run?

    For the first time the release of a movie trailer was done by Rajini himself in the presence of a star-studded audience. Hundreds of fans had gathered at a ...Full Article

    Is Ram Gopal Varma Calling Idle Brain As Half Brain?

    Ram Gopal Varma is making satires on everybody that is involved in the Telugu film industry. He released a song criticizing Telugu film directors at the muhurat. He made ...Full Article

    Does Kadhal Sandhya Need To Be More Careful?

    There were rumors floating around that ‘Kaadhal’ Sandhya was rejecting every offer in Kollywood. The actress who had signed up three Malayalam films in a row caused raised many ...Full Article

    Why Did Rahman’S Kilimanjaro Rock When Joyo Utho Hit A Rock?

    It looks like the hullabaloo behind Endhiren’s release date will never die down. The movie was speculated to be released in the first week of September but still there ...Full Article