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    Will Endhiran Have An Endless Run?

    For the first time the release of a movie trailer was done by Rajini himself in the presence of a star-studded audience. Hundreds of fans had gathered at a local theatre to cheer the Endhiran team and the superstar himself while in other parts of the state the fans made sure the event was given Full Article

    Is Ram Gopal Varma Calling Idle Brain As Half Brain?

    Ram Gopal Varma is making satires on everybody that is involved in the Telugu film industry. He released a song criticizing Telugu film directors at the muhurat. He made ...Full Article

    Does Kadhal Sandhya Need To Be More Careful?

    There were rumors floating around that ‘Kaadhal’ Sandhya was rejecting every offer in Kollywood. The actress who had signed up three Malayalam films in a row caused raised many ...Full Article

    Why Did Rahman’S Kilimanjaro Rock When Joyo Utho Hit A Rock?

    It looks like the hullabaloo behind Endhiren’s release date will never die down. The movie was speculated to be released in the first week of September but still there ...Full Article

    Did The Truth Hurt Vijay And His Fans?

    While fans of actor Vijay are eagerly awaiting the release of his next movie Kaavalan, comments about the actor on Vijay TV a private television channel has angered many ...Full Article

    Did Kamal Rub The Malayali Actor’S Guild The Wrong Way?

    Kamal Haasan, in a recent interview to a national daily, has said that he frames all the letters written to him by his mentor director K Balachander. The two ...Full Article

    Does Lawrence Do Good Deeds While Other Only Talk?

    Raghava Lawrence has announced that plans are afoot to donate food to 1000 people at the Raghavendra Temple, which he had built, in Ambatur to coincide with the wedding ...Full Article

    Will Shriya Break A Thousand Hearts?

    The girl that had a thousand fans in South India may soon vanish from the scene and the unbridled freedom she enjoyed is soon going to be over. It ...Full Article

    Is Endhiren Bigger Than James Bond?

    Aamir Khan had made a statement that he was eager to watch Endhiran, produced by Sun Network’s Kalanidhi Maran and directed by Shankar. The actor pointed out that he ...Full Article