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Why Is Everyone Picking On Nayantara?

  Almost every other day, a Malayali girl is being launched in the South. At the last count, there were about a dozen girls like Ananya, Meera Nandan, Devika, Poorna, Saranya Mohan, Sanusha, Honey Rose, Shammu, Anjali, Amala Paul and more all eyeing the lucrative Tamil- Telugu  film market. The first thing when they land Full Article

Aren’T Any Of The Tollywood Actors Suitable For Sneha Ullal?

Sneha Ullal has never been surrounded by controversies except her link-up with actor Allu Arjun. An unfazed Sneha, however, defended her linkup, saying, “Oh! Really, I am not aware ...Full Article

Why Was Allari Naresh Linked To Farzana?

It may not have been a long stint in the industry but producer EVV Satyanarayana’s son Allari Naresh has relentlessly courted controversy. But that doesn’t deter him. He is ...Full Article

Why Is Sneha Ullal Facing A Ban In Tollywood?

According to inside sources, Sneha Ullal is giving plenty of trouble to a Tollywood producer. It is said that she had taken Rs 16 Lakhs as advance from a ...Full Article

What Is Illeana Trying To Prove With Her Bad Manners?

The film industry is full of people from diverse backgrounds but the one thing they all have in common is that in front of everyone they all show respect ...Full Article

Did Anushka Demand 2 Crores For Acting With ‘Old’ Men?

Actress Anushka was one of the actresses who were always in the center of some rumour or the other. Previously she was linked to some Tollywood actors and even ...Full Article

What Is The Unusual Heroine Problem That Rana Faces?

Any news about Daggubati Rana attracts a great deal of public attention and the news that he is teaming up with Ileana grabbed more attention. The duo has been ...Full Article

Is Ram Gopal Varma Calling Idle Brain As Half Brain?

Ram Gopal Varma is making satires on everybody that is involved in the Telugu film industry. He released a song criticizing Telugu film directors at the muhurat. He made ...Full Article

What Is All The Drama With Pawan’S Komaram Puli?

The Andhra Jyothi channel disclosed the other day in a bit of sensational news that 15-minutes of footage of Pawan Kalyan’s new film Komaram Puli had gone missing. Apparently ...Full Article