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Did Bhavana Refuse An Emraan Hashmi Film Only Due To Kissing Scenes? 

Do you think that any young and upcoming actress from South Indian films would reject an offer from Bollywood? Under normal circumstances and if the person were to be usual ambitious girl then she wouldn’t. Trisha jumped at the offer she got from Priyadarshan as did Asin but the one girl who did not jump at the offer was Bhavana. She has always had a head on her shoulders and she is pretty sure that behind the offer lies a likely hood of being exploited. Her reaction is sensible as her hero would have been Emraan Hashmi and everybody knows the kinds of things a heroine has to do to star in one of his films. Kissing and being provocatively dressed comes to mind straightaway. Others in the industry said that her refusal is only a big loss for her as she is still an upcoming actress but Bhavana thinks differently. “I am not desperate to make my debut in any industry” said Bhavana.  She says she is not interested when the role requires her to do smooching and show liberal amounts of skin. “I have made my mark in the South and if I want to enter Bollywood it will be only on my terms” she said quite emphatically.


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