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Did Pooja’S Loss Turn Out To Be Dhanshika’S Gain? 

There is no doubt that by being cast in a film by ace director Bala is a virtual guarantee that more roles will come your way. In the past many actors including Vikram, Arya, Pooja and many more have benefited from Bala. After she had done ‘Naan Kadavul’ Pooja had committed to director Bala’s current film but she was replaced by Dhanshika as she was not able to allot dates for the shoot due to her prior commitments. Pooja was upset about missing out on the film saying “I had to fly to Australia for a shoot which is why I was not able to make it for Bala sir’s film. He’d told me that my character would definitely get me appreciation on a national level and it would have been a wonderful role to play.” That’s why she had decided to take up such a promising role, but missed this one. Strictly speaking it was the film industry strike that was responsible for her predicament. “I was not able to reschedule my dates and I am disappointed about not being a part of his film.”  But what is a tragedy for Pooja turned out to be a happy one for Dhanshika. She started her career in ‘Peraanmai’ under director Jananathan.

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