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Did Sayali Bhagat Know Canibalism Was The Theme Of ‘Kaatu Puli’? 


The Censor Boards have their logic for awarding film certifications. Recently a film titled ‘Kaatu Puli’ was awarded an ‘A’ Certificate by the censors which the producers say is only for the theme of the movie. That is his way of saying that the ‘A’ certificate is not for explicit sex scenes or raunchy themes but because the story deals with cannibalism. There are also scenes of blood and gore. Sayali Bhagat a former Miss India who had already featured in Kollywood films like SJ Suryah’s ‘Newtonin Moondram Vidhi’ is the heroine. Many people thought the film was a dubbed film because it didn’t look like a straight film but the producer clarified that he had shot it simultaneously in Tamil, Hindi and other South Indian languages. The trade feels that it will do well as it is increasingly clear that there is an audience for films that are dripping with blood and horror scenes. After a young teacher was killed by a deranged schoolboy recently the smart thing may be to just disallow such films or strictly enforce the non entry of under 18’s. We hear that a couple of kissing scenes were removed while the worst of the bloody scenes have been blurred.

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