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Did Shahid Overstep The Line Turning Up In Shorts At The Puja? 

When a film gets shelved all sorts of rumours start to fly about particularly when the makers do not come out promptly and clear the air. It now appears that Shahid Kapoor has overstepped a critical line when it comes to being the star of a film. While most of us believed that Maneesh Sharma’s film with Shahid was called off because of the inclusion of songs that needed to be lip-synced, there’s apparently another story that may have led to the ousting of Shahid from the project. Apparently, during a puja for the launch of the project, he turned up not only an hour late but also in shorts. To add to the general feeling of disapproval, the next day at a meeting, in an attempt to lighten the mood, Shahid passed a remark saying, “But I look too hot even when I smile.” It must have been an awkward moment when no one seemed too pleased or impressed by Shahid’s wit. That added with his constant ‘inputs’ to the script didn’t go down too well with Maneesh. It was soon after that that the 31-year old actor’s contract with YRF was called off. Clearly, Shahid’s got to watch his ways when it comes to talking with the big boys!

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