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Did Tamannah Not Sign A Five Year Contract ? 

As long as you are not a celebrity the media will take no notice of you but once you achieve some sort of success your every move will be watched. Tamannah Bhatia is an Indian film actress and model that performs under the name Tamannah and predominantly appears in Telugu and Tamil cinema. In 2005, she made her acting debut in the Bollywood film, Chand Sa Roshan Chehra, before working in the major South Indian film industries.

Everybody knows how difficult it is for a young girl with no connections to get a break in cinema. Now we hear that she got her first film it was only after she signed a long term contract with the producer. Such kinds of contracts are not unusual as after all it is thanks to the risk taken by the producer that newcomers get a break. Reports say that Tamannah had signed a contract with producer Salim Akhtar and according to the deal, she was supposed to pay 25% of her remuneration for the next five years to the producer. But the glamorous actress never honoured the contract.

This made Salim Akhtar file a complaint against Tamannah at the Association of Motion Picture and Television Programme Producers. However, the actress sent her response last month through her lawyer asking for a copy of the contract signed by both the parties. It is quite amazing that an educated girl does not remember signing such a binding contract as these are important documents. It is quite possible that they may have not bothered about the five-year clause as neither Tamannah nor her father may not have anticipated that her career would be so successful. In any case her father who is her guardian must have been aware.

Now that Tamannah is making heaps of money they may be trying to wriggle out of her obligations. She must be reluctant to share as per the contract and therefore are refusing to acknowledge that she had signed such a contract. The issue is now in the Kolkata High Court. However, Tamannah Bhatia’s father has said that his daughter did not sign the contract and she was minor at the time of her first film.

It is possible that she was a minor when she signed the contract in which case the contract may be invalid but in that case her father was guilty of misleading the producer.

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