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Did Vikram Learn ‘Echolocation’ Techniques For ‘Thandavam’? 

It appears that playing a character with different types of disabilities is being considered by actors as a test of their ability otherwise why are they so many roles of people with  handicaps? Vikram has been in the forefront with a role depicting autism spectrum disorder in ‘Pithamagan’ and then a blind man in ‘Kasi’ followed by a dyslexic  character in ‘Deivathirumagal’. Now in his latest film ‘Thandavam’ the protagonist is yet another blind man. Vikram says that in his journey as an actor he has come to appreciate the subtleties in portraying a bind man and he was trained by an American specialist called Daniel Kish an expert in human echolocation. Echolocation is the method by which a bat senses obstacles in its path and flies around them. Vikram says he was amazed to see the way Daniel can navigate his way in a room full of objects and says that Daniel can even cycle through an obstacle course without bumping into anything. To elaborate the point Vikram says that if he had to play a cop once again he will not pull off another role like he did in ‘Samy’. That would be too boring and predictable says Vikram.


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