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Divya Spandana Scares Off Her Boyfriend Raphael 

The other day there was a picture of a sexy actress in the classic erotic pose on the floor. Countless pictures in girlie magazines are seen with the girl prone and leaning forward displaying her ample bosom. The girl we are talking about is none other than Ramya or Divya Spandana who is sometimes also known as Kuthu Ramya. Apart from being in the news for her films Divya has a colourful private life. She has always been the bit least concerned about what others think about her while she has had her share of romantic links ups. At one time she had declared that she is in love with a young actor from Tollywood and when it was assumed that it was Tarun she laughed it off. She is without question the top actress in Kannada cinema and even though there are many younger and bolder actresses entering the industry nobody can match her in oomph. She was in a relationship with a Jewish-European businessman for whom she had openly declared her love. Raphael however was not serious about her because they soon drifted apart.

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