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Does Amala Paul Have No Faith In Acting As A Career Option? 

When a young girl wins her first title in a beauty show she invariably gives out tall statements of how she wants to dedicate her life to the uplift of widows and orphaned children etc. But reality invariably turns out to be very different. At the first opportunity or offer from a producer they drop all their claims and sign on. This is not a new phenomenon but ever actresses of an earlier generation like Poonam Dhillon claimed that she wanted to become a civil servant and work for the benefit of the people. Barely months after that she appeared in her first Bollywood film. However Amal Paul has turned out to be cut from another cloth. It looked like she had no faith in cinema as a full time occupation and was always looking ahead. Despite being a busy actress, Amala Paul has managed to complete her graduation and receive her bachelor’s degree. “I studied for my exams during shooting breaks and completed my assignments on my laptop. I should thank my directors who allowed me to work,” says the actor gleefully. She now has two big films in Telugu with Ram Charan Tej and Nani. “Both the films are crucial for my career,” she adds. She is truly one in a million!

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