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    Does Amy Jackson Or Anushka Have The Bigger Role In ‘Thandavam’? 

    Amy Jackson Or Anushka

    A lot of films featuring the top stars are expectedly over the coming weeks. Among them ‘Thaandavam’ is undoubtedly the mostly hotly anticipated flick in Kollywood today. The movie which has Chiyaan Vikram playing a dual dimensional role has two heroines Anushka Shetty and Amy Jackson playing his romantic interests. The posters have prominence to Anushka over Amy so she has the larger role. Chiyaan continues his love affair with playing characters with a handicap so he plays a RAW officer who turns blind later on in this action flick which is directed by Vijay. Distributors say that ‘Thandavam’ will be one of the biggest releases for Vikram with it being exhibiting in about 900 screens in India and worldwide. “The movie will be simultaneously released in Tamil as ‘Thandavam’ and in Telugu as ‘Siva Thaandavam’. In Kerala, it goes as a straight Tamil film with 50 to 60 prints. We are also working on unique promotions”, said the producers. According to news from the unit, Daniel Kish, a blind expert in human echolocation from whom Vikram’s character has been inspired will be in Chennai to interact with public and media.

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