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Does Kajal Agarwal charge 8 crores for a film? 

One of the mysteries of film making is, how do you know how much to pay the cast. Almost everybody claims to have intimate connections to actors but when push comes to shove nobody really knows how to find the correct price. Recently a new production team in Chennai wished to cast Kajal Agarwal in a new film and wanted to know how much she would charge. To make things more complicated, their hero was a newbie. They managed to connect with Kajal’s father who said that he would arrange a meeting. Finally the meeting did not take place but they found out that Kajal was willing to work with the newbie but she wanted to be paid eight crores. That was way over what the producers were prepared to pay so they quietly slunk back into Chennai. This entire story could be a figment of their imagination or it could be true. If Dhoni can charge so many crores to hit a cricket ball over the boundary why can’t Kajal Agarwal who has to work up to six months on a single film? In any case an actress’ working life span is very short; not more than 25 films before they become history. But whatever it is, don’t expect any favours from any actor. They don’t grant any favours so they don’t ask for any favours.

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