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Does Nayantara Think She Can Settle Down To Peace And Quiet? 

No matter how hard you try it is near impossible for an actress to hide her plans from the paparazzi. More so if she is a high profile one. Word on the street it that the actress has rented a posh apartment in the high-end Boat Club Colony, opposite Hotel Park Sheraton in Chennai, and has already settled down in her new neighbourhood. She is staying alone because her parents are reluctant to move out of Kerala. As a matter of fact it appears that they have not taken kindly to her conversion to Hinduism from Christianity to marry Prabhu Deva. Nayantara recently bought a swank sea-facing apartment in Cochin and even personally did up the space to her satisfaction. However, she has moved out since Chennai is her new destination. With her long-pending marriage to director Prabhu Deva nearing the deadline in January or February, it looks like she has resolved to lead a peaceful married life in Chennai. Our source also adds that the actress wants to prove a point or two to her detractors who were speculating about her relationship with the dancing sensation and intends to establish that her decision was “right”.

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