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    Doesn’T Sridevi Know That Her Glory Days Are Over? 

    People look at actresses pityingly because stardom is only temporary and many of them just won’t accept the fact that their glory is long gone. What is even sadder is, when they try to project the wrong impressions about their image to their kids. At an inter-school function in Mumbai, a couple of years back, two groups of girls got into a childish altercation. When the fight got a little out of hand, one snooty 11-year-old loudly announced, “Don’t know who I am? I am Sridevi’s daughter.” In the ensuing silence one of the girls asked “But who is Sridevi, we have not heard of her!” Wonder if that is the reason behind Sridevi’s return to Bollywood! She is now plotting her return to the silver screen. It looks like nothing can deter the shopaholic Sridevi from indulging in her favourite activity. At the recent IIFA Awards Sridevi was seen walking in and out of the hotel with tons of shopping bags. The former superstar was on a shopping spree since morning after hopping from one brand to another. The former superstar looked quite pale and anorexic in her short casual number, a far cry from the vivacious and spunky Sridevi we knew.

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