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    Doesn’t success or failure affect Vikram? 

    When Vikram was asked how he manages to put a different spin on each character that he plays he said that he actually puts in a lot of thinking about the characterization. It’s not that he jumps from one set to another set without any preparation When he has to play different characters he takes time, consults with his friends, makes notes and even practices in front of a mirror to make sure that he look sufficiently different. He ensures that he takes out the previous character from himself when he goes to do the next film. When he was asked why some films succeed and some don’t, Vikram says he puts in a hundred percent into each film but then it is up to the audience how they accept him. He’s had his shares of miserable flops like Rajapaatai but then he doesn’t let success or failure go to his head or affect his preparation. When he finishes one film he just moves on to the next. So far he says he has no plans to direct a film on his own but these are things that happen suddenly and one never knows when the urge gets to Vikram also.

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