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Even pretty heroines like Priyamani dropped after marriage? 

After her thunderous debut in Paruthiveeran, the very talented Priyamani had dropped out of the scene for quite a while and audiences were starting to forget her. But now she is all set to storm back with two films. One with Upendra called Kalpana 2 and another one in the Yogaraj Bhat directed adventure film called Dana Kayonu. Has she abandoned Kollywood or is it that Kollywood has abandoned her after she announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Mustafa Raj? Anyway regardless of whether she makes it back into cinema or not we wish her every happiness in her real life marriage. The reason why we are wishing her is that there were rumours that she had got a lot of hate mail for getting engaged to her boyfriend. These days marriage ought not to be the end of an actress’s career. Surely Jyothika and Simran and all those other married leading ladies are not forgotten. We hope people will be more kind to Priyamani in future.

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