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Has Karthi Inherited His Father Sivakumar’S Skill With Words? 

Book reading is a declining pastime among people with most preferring to get their information through the TV. It’s not that TV gives you all angles about a particular issue but it is the ease of access that makes it replace reading. In the case of today’s younger stars they also do not seem to know about the importance of reading books. Now, we have a Kollywood celebrity endorsing book reading which is a welcome change. Karthi recently attended the annual Erode Book Fair. Interestingly, his father, Sivakumar, is known to be an avid reader and the ‘Saguni’ star, in his inaugural speech, spoke highly about the value of reading. He said, “Through reading, you gain a lot of experiences that enriches you as a person. It moulds you as a person too. Though I was not an avid reader in my childhood, I have been reading over the past few years and am inspired by many books.” He also urged the youth in the audience to take up to reading in a big way. Let’s hope that the actor strives to inculcate such positive values with his presence and goes beyond his roles as an actor. His father Sivakumar is a brilliant speaker and can hold audiences spellbound with his knowledge and speaking skills.


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