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    Has Marriage Changed Mamata Mohandas’ Outlook To Life? 

    There are many young men who simply do not believe that their favourite heroine Mamata Mohandas is married. To them she is still then virginal girl of their dreams. As for Mamata herself she says that marriage has changed her just a little. She says it’s made her more independent. “Being a single child, I’ve always had my parents to catch me before I fall. My husband Pregith says that has stopped me from becoming what I actually could have become (laughs)!” Must say he is refreshingly different from the usual husbands we come across. Mamata says her husband wants her to travel, explore the world and do what she like, go from being the calm and sober type to becoming loud and crazy! Yes, he’s changed her a lot! So we wondered if he had changed her outlook of films too. She thought for a minute before saying “Of late, I commit to only those films that make it worth being away from Bahrain, films that offer me roles I’d fall in love with… those that would be memorable in my career.” She’s glad to have been a part of ‘Passenger’, the film that kick started the new trend. As soon as she is done with her latest movie “My Boss’ she is planning to go on that long overdue honeymoon!

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