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Has Vivekh now become an older generation actor? 

In 2010 the movie Pugaipadam was released and then in 2014 the film Vallinam gave Amzath Khan his second break. Amzath Khan had done an MBA in film marketing and finance and even worked for Sony pictures. But it was only after he had a short stint as a RJ in a Chennai based FM station that someone called and asked him if he would care to try a movie. Would anyone pass up on a chance like that? So that’s how he entered acting and now he’s got a new film coming up called Rum and it got quite a good number of people acting in it.

There is Hrishikesh, Sanchita Shetty, the comedian Vivekh, Mia George and even Naren in it. Amzath says he has a lot of scenes with Vivekh and that acting with Vivekh has given him a whole new perspective on the business of acting itself. “Vivekh sir gave me a lot of tips on acting and shared a lot of experiences. He refers to Vivekh as a senior actor. We wonder how Vivek will react to being called ‘Senior’?

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