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How did a couple like Vijay and Amala get it wrong? 

It has been confirmed by close friends that it just started with two young people just meeting and falling in love. Director Vijay and his girlfriend turned wife Amala were the darling of the public until recently when they announced their separation. It was a shock as nobody was expecting any trouble in their little Paradise. Though multiple statements have been coming from both Vijay and Amala and from their families too, it must be said that everybody maintained their dignity. Nobody turned on the other in the media. Vijay himself has confirmed that yes, they are going in for a separation though he does not attribute any blame to Amala. For that matter he does not blame anyone but himself. We can conclude that it is a routine clash of ego’s between two successful personalities who did not thrash out the entire relationship before making it permanent. Vijay parents, particularly his father did not have anything to do with it though the media was quick on blaming them. It was said that Amala refused to give up cinema even though she had agreed to do so before their marriage. It is unreasonable to expect any good looking and successful actresses to suddenly drop all her ambitions at one go. Maybe they should have given it more time and eased their way away into married life instead of imposing conditions on each other.

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