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How Did A Kamal Haasan Dance Inspire A Bollywood Song? 


Kamal Haasan continues to do things which make news instantly. The latest news is that Kamal Haasan has inspired a 80s style song in a Bollywood flick. Apparently, Kamal, who has in fact worked with Rani in ‘Hey Ram’, is the reason why ‘Dreamum Wakeupm’ has turned out to be what it is today. The funky number is even choreographed like a 80s style song and based on steps that Kamal would do. Top choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant has done the number and she has ensured that she researched it well while Rani practiced well for the number. In this movie, Rani plays a Marathi lass who wants a ‘kaalu’ (darkie) for a hubby and falls in love with Prithviraj. Interestingly, the song was shot at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad where a lot of south films are shot. Rani Mukherjee is working with Prithviraj in the Bollywood film ‘Aiyaa’ where he plays a south Indian. There was some protest about why South Indians were being stereotyped being called a ‘kaalu’ but Prithvi brushed it off saying. “We are dark aren’t we?”

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