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How did Nayanthara help a boy get over his fear? 

People quote strange incidents with film actresses as a turning point in their lives. One such incident was narrated on the popular Question & Answer forum called Quora. He said that when he was young he had a bad case of stage fright and would literally sink into the floor if he were picked by his teachers to say something to the class. He used to be more than normally terrified of his class teacher who looked amazingly similar to Nayantara. A picture of his teacher looked exactly like Nayantara. He says he could not even bear to look at her for fear that he would blurt out something stupid. Then the teacher set them an assignment to write an essay describing a brave act done by an ordinary person. All his friends turned up with wild stories of bravery fighting Pakistanis, elephants, lions etc. It just happened that he was the last to read his paper so when he was called he stood up and confessed that he had not written anything but was willing to do it right there in the class. His teacher call him to the front of the class and asked him to do it. He took out a red rose that he had hidden in his shirt and gave it to her. He expected a whack on his head but the teacher kissed him on his cheek and thanked him. That made him lose his fear of anything. Would the real Nayantara do something like this if faced with a trembling boy? Tell us Nayantara at your next press conference.

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