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How Did The Union Strike Benefit Amala Paul The Maximum? 

This has been a strange March and April thus far. This are the months when we ought to have seen a string of new releases but instead the industry has ground to a complete halt. This has come about because of the wage disputes between producers and the worker’s unions. The relationship has always been rocky but now it has turned ugly with some producers shooting with non union crews and police protection. The unexpected beneficiaries have been about half a dozen films that were released just before the strike started. Among them was ‘Ambuli’ a 3D film about a strange monster lurking in a forest. The film started off poorly but is now running to full houses. Another was Siddharth and Amala Paul’s ‘Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Yeppadi’.  This light romantic film is the hit of the season along with another confused action film featuring Atharva and Amala Paul. Needless to say Shruti Haasan and Dhanush’s ‘3’ also benefited. Producers of films released earlier must be cursing that the strike started after their pictures were withdrawn from the theatres. The one who has benefited the maximum is Amala Paul. These hits have made her the most visible among actresses.

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