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How Does Mamta Mohandas Avoid Embarrasing Her Husband? 

Most married actresses try to play down the fact that they are married or at least they try not to give it too much importance. In a candid chat, Mamata Mohandas shares her fans the secret of staying in the top league despite being married. “It’s chaotic, to say the least! What’s more surprising is the fact that some great films are coming my way like never before, and it sets me wondering why all of them have to come now, all at one go! There’s also this television show that I anchor. Both mine and my husband’s families are based out of Bahrain, but since most of my work is happening in Kerala, I’m mostly out of Bahrain. Sometimes, I feel I’m not doing justice to my marriage, but thanks to Pregith, who’s an extremely supportive husband, things are working out well. Mamata feels that Malayalam cinema seems to be more receptive to married heroines. “That’s a healthy way of looking at things. There’s also the fact that the Malayalam film industry offers more of character-oriented roles to its heroines than just glamorous roles.” Mamata was also quick to say that she, personally, chooses roles that won’t put her husband in any embarrassment.

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