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    How Is Trisha Or Hansika Different From The Old Stars? 

    We know of so many stars that have gone to rack and ruin because in their heydays they never gave a thought to the day when they would have to retire. To many of them the end came as they drowned themselves in alcohol. But there are the smart ones too. The recent petrol hike coupled with the sky rocketing cost of living has made sure that everyone tries to live within their means and save as much money as possible. While austerity measures are meant for us mere mortals, it’s quite a different story with celebrities. Be it the 20-year-old Hansika Motwani splurging on a BMW car or actor Bharat investing in a posh bungalow, the smart stars are reaping the benefits of their wise investment plans. Actress Trisha bought a swank Mercedes Benz for her birthday but she points out that “simple plans are the best way to keep a tab on finances.” She says, “I don’t believe in putting my money in anything that involves any risk which means nix to stocks and shares and art . Real estate investments always bring in good returns. I also believe in living life queen size, so I make sure to indulge if I want something badly — like my new Mercedes Benz!” Are all of them as smart?

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