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Is Anushka Exposed To The Max By Selvaraghavan In ‘Irandam Ulagam’? 

Irandam-Ulagam Anushka

Now here is this story that has both Anushka Shetty and Arya play dual roles that require them to go through elaborate makeovers to look like different people! Wonder why they did not cast different people for the four characters in the first place.  Maybe it will lessen the curiosity value of Selvaraghavan’s ‘Irandam Ulagam’. Anushka is a doctor and wife of the city bred and stylish Arya in the contemporary segment, while another Anushka plays a dusky beauty who is an egocentric tribal queen. That Anushka has a love-hate relationship with a tribal man also played by Arya. Anushka is said to have undergone a massive makeover in terms of her looks, colouring her hair in shades of blond, as well as being attired in traditional tribal outfits that are kept to the minimum thereby exposing Anushka to the maximum. Sources say that Anushka will need to take a three-day break in Hyderabad to recoup/remove the colouring from her hair and get back to her original self.  That apart, Anushka has also trained in self-defense, since there were a few risky high-action sequences in the film that are being canned in the forest areas of Georgia.

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