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Is Anushka Shetty Gaining Over Trisha In South India? 

They say when elephant’s fight the grass gets trampled’. Not that either Anushka and Trish are elephants but they are both big names in Tollywood. They are both endorsing products from big commercial brands and the constant battle between them to be in the No 1 position makes the products they endorse also to go up or down in popularity. Currently actress Anushka is acting in two Telugu films one with Nagarjuna in ‘Damarukam’ and another with Rebel star Prabhas.  Anushka is very busy these days with her films in Telugu and Tamil with a slight edge over Trisha in Tollywood. In Kollywood it is said that Trisha holds the edge though there is no clear superiority in her position. That was why there was surprise when it was announced that Anushka has been confirmed as the new brand ambassador for Colgate Tooth-Paste. Over the last two-years actress it has been Trisha who was supporting the Colgate Tooth-Paste brand for both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh but now she has been replaced. Major Brands carry out extensive surveys before they change their brand ambassadors so there must be some truth in it. Recently a new set of Colgate ads was shot on Anushka.

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