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Is Asin No Longer Seen As A South Indian Import? 

Asin has had a couple of hits and misses under her belt. However that does not make her believe that she is any smarter and can figure out what will be a hit and what will be a dud. With ‘Ghajini’ behind her in two languages and then a film with Salman Khan who would believe she would have to still wait to be called an A- Lister. But that was exactly what happened. Her film ‘London Dreams’ failed, crushing her dreams but then she shot to the top with ‘Ready’ another film with Salman. These experiences have made her understand the very nature of cinema celebrityhood. She says that Sajid Khan’s ‘Houseful 2’ was the best thing that happened to her. From being a South Indian import with no rapport with Bollywood stars, she is now in the thick of things. Her co-stars are the ones who did ‘Houseful1’ with the addition of a handful of legends. She plays the daughter of Rishi Kapoor who has a running battle with her uncle and cousin played by Randhir Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez. Contrary to what she was told to expect, the entire cast worked like a team and they had a wild time. One can expect that with all the heroes being named Jolly it would be an insane laugh riot.


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