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Is Asin Planning To Disappear Altogether? 

The hot Malayali beauty Asin went to Bollywood after a brief stint in Tollywood and Kollywood with the thoughts of ruling it. Though, things didn’t work out quite as planned Asin seems to have become very much the Bollywood girl. Recently, she came out with a rather bold photo shoot, But more than the glamour, it is the new look of Asin that shocked all. Apparently Asin looks completely shrunken and is as thin as a reed. She has lost all that voluptuous oomph and the buxom figure that made men go crazy about her. Whether this is the way Asin thinks she can woo the Bollywood crowds or not, the fact remains that she has got a negative response from the south. While on the subject youngsters think she is a fantastic actress with the most expressive eyes. She has been compared with Madhubala who spoke volumes with her eyes while the rest managed just about a sentence.

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