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Is Nayantara attracted to dir Vignesh Shivan? 

When the name of Nayanthara crops up in film gossip on the Internet it attracts the maximum attention. Other than Trisha she is the most widely followed actress in Kollywood. When Nayantara’s film Naan dhaan Rowdy was released it was well appreciated by the audiences and talk got around to whether Nayanthara had a soft corner for its director Vignesh Shivan. But not every reporter is brave enough to go and confront Nayantara with a question like “is Vignesh your boyfriend?” The reason for the hesitation is because Nayantara is reported to be extremely short tempered and likely to send the reporter away with a flea in his ear.

So the next thing reporters tried was to get hold of Vignesh Shivan and ask him whether Nayantara is his girlfriend. But when he was questioned he was played it even more safe and in spite of persistent questioning by the reporters he kept rolling out the same line that “She is a professional actress and I am is a professional director, nothing more’. Most of the time the two of them ignored the question altogether. It is probably the best way to handle such difficult questions. Nayanthara continues to keep her mouth shut and Vignesh keeps his mouth shot so we don’t know when the truth lies. For the moment the two are not confirmed as a couple.

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