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Is Nayantara Planning On Turning Producer Herself? 



It’s once again raining money in Kollywood productions. Twenty five crores have already been spent on Vishnuvardhan’s new film though a major part of it has gone to Ajith and Nayantara as fees. The producers are quite happy to fork out the money as both stars have proven themselves capable of earning over fifty crores. The title of the film is still not finalized though it is said that the story is a combination of the Bollywood film ‘Race’ and the Tollywood film ‘Panja’. Whatever it is, fans are eager to know more. The only bizarre twist to the shoot is that Nayantara seems to be taking more interest in what is going on behind the camera not that she is not putting her heart and soul into the film. It is reported that after every shot Nayantara gets together with Vishnuvardhan’s assistants to plan out the next shot. Vishnu says it appears that Nayantara is another one of his assistant directors than the heroine of his film. Who knows Nayantara may be planning to take the plunge into production herself. If things had gone according to plans Prabhu Deva and Nayantara may have produced a film themselves. After all between them they have a director, a heroine and a hero.

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