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Is Nithya Menen’S Appeal Just Her Unsophistication? 

It is a known fact that when a film becomes a hit everybody associated with it gets a boost. Take the case of Nithya Menen who has suddenly become the darling of the masses. Though Nithya is not given to exposing her body or even acting in adult themed movies, she has suddenly hit the big time after ‘Nootrenbadhu’ in Kollywood and ‘Ishq” in Tollywood became hits. ‘Nootrenbadhu’ was a film made by an ad film maker and shot using the new fangled Red digital cameras which is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to film. But this film with Siddharth playing the role of a man with a limited amount of time due to a medical condition was appreciated by fans. Nithya Menen plays a sweet girl who falls in love with Siddharth inspite of him not encouraging her at all. Nithya is a modern girl who suits urban romantic stories which can be dubbed into other languages. Her films in Malayalam and Telugu and now even in Tamil are all much sought after for dubbing and in Tollywood one can even say that having her is a guarantee of a good opening. Are we seeing the arrival of a new type of heroine who is not into exposing and dancing to item numbers?

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