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    Is Ruhani Sharma only for sexy scenes? 

    It’s been said by experienced producers that only films, which depict the lives of working class people will succeed in Kollywood. While movies of upper class people or educated folk get ignored in the districts, to producers in the cities it is increasingly clear that modern stories are definitely more attractive. Bharat who has tried his hand at all kinds of movies including movies where he is a farmer has reverted back to being a city boy in his new Tamil Telugu bilingual titled Kadasi Bench Kathi. The title makes it clear that it will be a college love story. Ravi Bhargavan is directing the movie and to provide some oomph they have imported the Punjabi actress Ruhani Sharma. Bharat says its a romantic comedy which is a phrase used to describe almost any kind of story. Shooting is in progress at Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore including some portions in Amalapuram. The movie has two heroines and as we said, Ruhani is one so we are waiting to see whom Bharat chooses as the other heroine.

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