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    Is Shriya Doing Surgery For Just One Man? 

    While a film awards function given by yet another rival to Filmfare happened in Hyderabad, Shriya stole the show at a special event later in the evening. It is heard that after the cocktail party got over, she was spotted leaving the venue with a tall hero. As it is, there has been any amount of gossip making the rounds of Tollywood alleging an affair with actor Rana Daggubati so everyone is curious to know who is this ‘tall hero’. Some of them say that Shriya is ready to reveal if she is indeed involved with him. For now, the tall hero factor has raised curiosity. The hottest buzz making waves in Tollywood is that Shriya is keen on getting lip surgery done. She has a very thin upper lip but applies lipstick to make it appear that she is always pouting. But now, it is heard that Shriya wants to make it a real one so that it increases her oomph factor. The use of Botox to add fill to facial features is a common practice in Hollywood so how long will it take for that to reach us? Those who heard of it say that Shriya will shock you after the change.

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