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Is Shweta Menon Only Getting Sexy Characters To Play? 



One of the toughest things that actors are required to deal with is to stay in shape and look good even as they stick to demanding shoot schedules. Actress Shweta Menon did a riveting part in Aadhi’s latest film ‘Aravan’ which has been well accepted by audiences everywhere. She played the part of a sensuous courtesan who cheats on her master by romancing with Bharath. Shweta who has been shooting back-to-back for a while now, tells us she that really needs a break – primarily to get back into shape. “Before I sign up for anything new, I want to get back to shape. I want to be that sexy me once again,” she says. The suave actress is planning a six-month vacation, away from shooting schedules, as soon as she completes her current projects. “I just want to lose weight and get back to being my usual self” she says. The change in her appearance over the years has been attracting different kinds of roles too. “I notice that almost all the characters that I have played, since two years now, are those of strong, woman-oriented ones. I believe it is my physical appearance that is attracting these kinds of roles. However, it has only made me greedy for more excellent scripts,” she says.

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