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    Is This A Teaser Or A Trailer For Vidya Balan’S ‘Dirty Picture’? 

    The campaign on TV for The Dirty Picture has taken a full frontal approach (pun intended) with Vidya Balan’s act crossing unimaginable boundaries with the first theatrical promos that came out recently. The makers seem to be pushing their luck with the censors with every passing day, the latest being her song ‘Ooh La La’. Many are wondering if Vidya’s moves are justified for a film that boasts of such an A-grade setup. “Why do they need to push the film in this way?” asks a prominent assistant director on condition of anonymity. “I do realize that the story is about an Item girl turned star from South Indian cinema, but do they have to promote it this way?” What we have seen so far can better be called a teaser than trailer. If all that is true then we suppose it will take a while before we come to terms with Vidya Balan’s daring new avatar. The tantalizing promos have done the initial trick. The makers have clearly shown that they have an eye on the box office run. And the fact that something so different is coming from Milan Luthria and Vidya Balan, who are known for a different kind of cinema, has also added to the shock and curiosity value.

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