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Is Trisha cut out for marriage or just cutting loose? 

Few people know that Trisha is a full on party girl. People think it unlikely because she has done so many of those roles in which she acts as a simple Tamil girl batting her eyelids at the hero. But in real life Trisha is nothing like that. Whenever she the chance she loves to let her hair down and dance the night away. For every girl who likes to dance the night away they must be some man who is also willing to stay up with her the whole evening. There is no shortage of such young men in Chennai or for that matter in Singapore or in London or in Dubai. Trisha grew up in Chennai with a bunch of friends who have stayed with her through thick and thin. They will not hesitate to drop whatever they doing when Trisha is in town and boogie the night away. Daggubati Rana was one of her favourite dancing partners and he could shake a mean leg. Then one fine day in a moment of insanity she announced that she was going to get married. She got engaged to the young and dashing Varun Manian but it was not to be and within a couple months she was back on the dance floor, single, footloose and fancy-free.

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