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Janani Iyer ups her style quotient in Kollywood. 

If you do not have a killer story or script, the idea seems to be to pack the film with as many heroines as possible otherwise why would a director cast two actresses and then still go hunting for a 3rd and 4th. Anyway whatever the logic, that is what is happening in the film Balloon directed by debutant director Sinish. The shoot started in the city but soon will be moving on to Kodaikanal for the remaining portion of the shoot. The film covers events happening in both Kodaikanal as well as Chennai and the portion that is short in Kodaikanal will be set in the 1980’s. Janani Iyer plays Jai’s pair in this portion of the story. This obviously indicates that the movie does a certain bit of time travel between the eighties and today. Janani is one of those actresses who came up the hard way. She did countless ad films before being selected by Dir Bala to do the lead in Avan Ivan. Janani never used to be included in the list of glamour girls like Tamanaah etc but lately she has acquired a bit of style in her makeup and clothes. That’s what success in Kollywood will do to a person.

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